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UV DTF Print.

  • Approximate height  is 4.5
  • No weeding is required. Simply peel and apply!!
  • Waterproof and Scratch Resistant
  • Durable and Long Lasting

How to apply:

- Clean your Cup with a microfiber cloth (Don't use alcohol)

- Start by placing your design face down and pass squeegee through with light pressure

- Peel your backing slowly by rolling method (this will avoid damage)

- Place design transfer into your cup carefully as desire

(Keep in mind once design is place you can't reposition)

- Once position use your squeegee or hand to adhere and push out any bubbles

- Peel off clear film carefully (nice and slow making sure everything has properly adhered)

Care Instructions:

- Hand wash only. Do not soak

- We don't advise dishwasher or microwave.

Cup not included.

  • By purchasing, you agree to the following:

    It is the customer's responsibility to use the product correctly once in their hands. Refunds and exchanges will NOT be processed because of misuse by the buyer.

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